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July 26th, 2005

07:08 pm: Surprise!
I have a new livejournal. You can see it at livejournal.com/users/itsametaphor. I actually haven't started it yet, but feel free to friend me, I'm friending more liberally this time around. If you've read this livejournal from afar for years, I'm sorry if I'm crushing your spirit or something.

July 24th, 2005

09:56 pm: Mental Block
I awoke with a start. "Can this be?" I wondered. "Have I finally remembered the movie that features the wordless tune I've had stuck in my head for three weeks?"

I've had a tune stuck in my head since orientation. I know it's in a movie and two people dance to it, and there's an instrumental break and then the singer takes it up again with amusement. And I think it's from the Bar Mitzvah scene in The Wedding Singer, and Adam Sandler is amused because the fat little boy squeezed Drew Barrymore's ass.

I looked it up on Limewire but couldn't find it. But if you remember the song from the Bar Mitzvah scene in The Wedding Singer, you let me know.

05:05 pm: Experiences
You know experiences so strange that you're so observant of them and you start narrating? I had one of those last night.

I went to Coldstone during break, and the line was insane and out the door. Knowing I wouldn't get my ice cream with enough time to eat it and get back to work, I was intrigued when I saw a sign at the party store next door saying they were open for ice cream.

I went in to a square table with tiny little stools on them. The teenage worker greeted me right away, so it was too late to back out.

This worker was by far the most interesting part, because his voice was right out of a cheesy cartoon. I just did the voice for Molly, and I realize that the essence of this story is doing the voice. But he talked to all of the kids and if he didn't call him champ, he implied it, and it was as though I'd stepped into a time portal, and not in an awesome way, but in a way that made me feel like a lecher or something.

And then as I was leaving, I saw a car with a vanity plate that said "Patrick" and I thought, "there's a guy that gets right down to it."

01:08 pm: Random Thoughts
I was just thinking, and one thought led to another, and I ended up imagining a scene in which Ben Savage (of Boy Meets World) tells Fred Savage (of the Wonder Years) about the awesome new show he just got cast in.

Ben: So it's about this young kid who's growing up and figuring out the world-
Fred: You mean like on Wonder Years?
Ben: Kind of, except he has this annoying older brother who's mean to him-
Fred: Like Dwayne.
Ben: I guess, but there's also this girl who he's known all of his life and used to be weirded out by and now he has feelings for-
Fred: Like Winnie!
Ben: No, because he also has a father who has to be tough with him sometimes but his heart's in the right place-
Fred: Like on Wonder Years?
Ben: Shut up!

Anyway, this made me feel kind of sad for Ben, so I think I'm going to make a TV show about how tough it is to grow up as a young Savage when you have an annoying older brother and you're just trying to figure things out in the world. And the cycle will go on....

July 22nd, 2005

08:27 pm: Rosen's Turn
I really hope you get how clever that title is.

(It's as good at my title the last time I saw Gypsy, which was naturally "Everything's Coming Up Rosens." But I think this one actually makes more sense.)

Gypsy at the YS was really good. The random ensemble people blew, but Rose and Louise were really fabulous. It was fun hanging out with that crowd, but naturally there were a lot of camp stories I didn't get and it made me miss working there, especially as my pay check was as dismal as it would have been there.

On the way home I listened to this station that may as well have been called the "Obligatory Sweet Sixteen Songs Station."

Today I drove the Audi my mom pretty much stole from my dad. It was sweet. So weird to have a car that responds immediately when you brake and what have you.

July 21st, 2005

04:03 pm: Disney: An Emotional Roller Coaster
Watching Disney at work is hard.

For instance, if you're me, you may tear up during the Pocahontas preview because you forgot how beautiful her voice is in Colors of the Wind. And then you might tear up again when Mufasa dies, when Simba sets out to restore the Pride Land, when Hercules can't fit in, when Hercules and Meg risk their lives for each other and Hercules finally fits in, and when the Genie is finally free and has a hard time leaving Aladdin. And you might shiver uncontrollably at the "BUMP" at the end of Circle of Life, and in A Whole New World when Aladdin commands, "Don't you dare close your eyes." And you might actually laugh out loud remembering you have a dog named Simba and thinking about how awesome she is.

Well that last one is probably just me.

And also, a word to all video renters out there. We're not trying to trick you into paying late fees, we don't get them. We just say what the computer tells us. Stop bitching.

July 18th, 2005

09:27 pm: You're Welcome
Teen Witch will soon have a quotes page on imdb, and it was all my doing!

July 17th, 2005

10:39 pm: My thoughts
Do you not read if you haven't finished Harry Potter yet or don't want to hear my thoughts on itCollapse )

12:34 am: I finished and I'm really emotional and I need someone to talk to.

July 16th, 2005

11:57 pm: I'm on page 303 right now. How is everyone else doing?

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